Learning Materials

Each student has an assignment notebook and binder. It contains lesson plans, handouts, recital information and performance strategies. It is important that students keep the binder up to date and organized. Students must bring their assignment notebook and all music they are working on to every lesson.

I will collect $20 book deposit at the beginning of the year or when a student enrolls as credit toward book costs. I provide music books at cost, with charges noted on a statement for payment at the end of each term. In selecting repertoire for recitals and auditions, I usually play several selections and allow the student to choose his/her favorite. Students are encouraged to bring additional music of interest to the lesson.  Music charges are usually about $25 per term (often less).

Since the development of fluent sight-reading requires that students experience plenty of music at each level, I often lend music from my collection. I also lend CDs for comparative listening and exploration. Students are encouraged to build a listening library of their favorite composers and selections. Please be sure to return all music belonging to me and clearly label all music belonging to you.

At times it is helpful to record the music a student is learning and assign active listening as part of the assignment. Many repertoire books are sold with an accompanying CD or when appropriate I will provide with a practice/listening CD.  Youtube.com can also be a wonderful resource when used with guidance.