February Newsletter No. 1

Welcome to piano 2019! We’re off to a great start and I’m excited about all the new pieces we’ve started. Be sure to schedule a regular time for daily piano practice, 5 days a week minimum. Students are most motivated by their own progress!

Fun technology.

Tonara is a new app I have began using as an experiment (free download). After getting the log-in set up (my username is ellenmcquilkin), I can write piano assignments with the app. Students check off when the assignment is done each day and receive points and stickers for practice completed. The app will compare their statistics with those of other practicers in my studio. It’s very easy to send messages and recordings during the week if students have questions, want to hear how something should sound, or if they are playing it correctly. Log in when you are ready to try a fun new way to practice!

In Good Hands is a wonderful collaborative opportunity for composers, teachers and students! This program has been successful in Portland for a decade; this year will be the first year it is available in Eugene. In a special recital program on June 29th, students will premiere pieces written by local composers. Teachers select music that is appropriate for their students and help them learn it. Then, the composer comes to the student’s lesson and engages with the student and teacher sometime before the performance to help bring the piece to life. Just imagine the excitement of being the first to perform a work composed by the next Beethoven!
Let me know if you are interested.