February Newsletter No. 2

Hello, everyone!

Every time there’s a break in the rain, I see little hints of spring: daffodils emerging, chickadees nesting, syllabus approaching! Yes! Syllabus students need to be practicing consistently in order to have their pieces learned and memorized by spring break. Now’s the time to be indoors getting the work done so in April we can  play and polish. Just five weeks remain in winter term.

OMTA Baroque Festival Koah Donahue and Margaux Parsons performed beautifully on recitals last Saturday. Koah was a winner in Division 3 (age 11-14), advancing to State, and Margaux received First Alternate. Koah played the Presto from Sonata in C Minor by Pescetti; Margaux played the Bourrée in F Major by Telemann. Congratulations Koah and Margaux!

Barnes & Noble Thank you parents and families for making the Barnes & Noble fundraiser a success! Eugene District OMTA earned $949.50 from sales this year, $200 more than last year. We appreciate your contribution to OMTA!

Tonara Students are enjoying the Tonara app and are accumulating points each practice session. I especially like the Compare Recording assignment feature. When I send a recording of a piece or passage, students record and the app compares their tempo, accuracy, pitch and rhythm with mine. When the recordings match the student earns extra points!

Family Listening #8

Music of the Baroque era (1600-1750) is some of the richest and most challenging keyboard music to play due its polyphonic (many voiced) nature.

With multiple voices entering at different times yet occurring simultaneously, the pianist (or organist) has to keep track of each line individually as well as consider how the voices interact. All this while still preserving a beautiful tone, contour and flow for each voice.

Here is the Fugue in G minor BWV 578 by J.S. Bach as performed by the Swingle Singers, a popular vocal group that has recorded numerous works by Bach with an infusion of jazz styling. Follow the four voices in the score (SATB) and see if you can hear each entrance of the Fugue subject.

Can you imagine playing this on the piano!  Well, here it is:

And the link below takes you to a performance of Bach’s Fantasia in C minor BWV 906 performed by Anzo DeGiulio. Anzo is a senior at SEHS preparing his Level X Syllabus. He was unable to participate in the OMTA Baroque Festival because of his commitment to swimming championships but he wanted to share his piece with you here. Can you hear the theme in different voices?  Thank you, Anzo.


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