Margaux Parsons and Jasmine Darmadi, Eugene District Ensemble Festival, November, 2018.

Eugene District Ensemble Festival

Playing duets with a friend is a fun rewarding experience for any musician! Last fall, Margaux Parsons and Jasmine Darmadi enjoyed preparing the Egyptian Ballet Dance by Camille Saint-Saens for the OMTA Ensemble Festival. After many sessions of solo practice and coaching as a team, they gave a lovely performance of the work at the UO School of Music to an appreciative audience.

Duet playing was a principal source of entertainment for families in the 19th century and continues to be so today (in spite of the competition with social media and electronic devices!) In December at our Barnes & Noble Booksellers recital, Koah Donahue and his mom, Jodi, performed Phoenix Blues by David Karp, and Jodi also accompanied sister Amari in a rousing duet version of Chopsticks. Kudos to Jodi and the Donahue family.

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