OMTA District recital, 2017

Each lesson in my piano studio is part of a carefully planned, individualized course of study designed to meet following objectives:

  • To impart a deep love of fine music that will last a lifetime.
  • To develop fluency in reading music and a secure and healthy technique.
  • To learn a core curriculum of classical repertoire that can serve as a springboard for approaching music history, theory, ear-training, composition and improvisation.
  • To expand repertoire to include popular and jazz styles if desired.
  • To provide numerous opportunities to create and perform music alone and with others.
  • To nurture a personal, artistic approach to expression.
  • To develop focus, memory, and analytical skills as well as the many positive character traits associated with dedication to and connection with music.

Learning piano is a long-term goal that requires creativity, persistence, sensitivity, and patience from teacher and student alike. It is exciting to guide students as they develop into performers, composers, accompanists and appreciative listeners in their own unique way.